Plaza Fiesta es un lugar maravilloso para volver a casa. Vibrante e interesante, pero conveniente y familiar, hay algo para todos. Dedique unas horas o un fin de semana completo. Haga mandados o simplemente relájese con familiares y amigos.

Come los alimentos caseros con los que creciste o deja que tu curiosidad se apodere de ti y prueba nuevas delicias. Ya sea que venga de compras, servicios, cenas o uno de nuestros muchos eventos comunitarios, nunca es la misma visita dos veces. No importa de dónde seas o qué te lleve a Plaza Fiesta, una cálida bienvenida te espera aquí en el pequeño rincón de nuestra ciudad.

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  • If you adore Mexican food, THIS is the real place to get genuine goodies from this wonderful, surprising and popular cuisine. The food court is GOOD (I have NEVER praised a food court ever before...well there's usually nothing to rave about them.) Try the Gorditas, the natural juices (deliciosos!), and the churros...if you're a bakery person, yes, you're going to be a very happy peep.

  • As soon as you hit enter the space, you are transported to Mexico and everything is very crowded and festive.  When we last visited Mexico, we made sure to visit the "non-tourist" areas so that we could get an authentic feel for the country.  Visiting the plaza reminded me of that experience.  In Mexico they would assume that we were lost but here they just looked at us with curiosity.

  • Everything Latin America and Mexico.  If you need a quincenera cake (they have), haircut (you can get it), lunch (you can get it), moneygram (you can send money), stereo installation (out front of the plaza fiesta), grocery shopping (next door), wife or husband (next to the water fountain) and if you need a piñata (pick from among a hundred dozen), this place is for you. Enjoy the many activities and spend a few hours here.

  • Essentially a hidden world. Viewed from Buford Highway, the plaza seems like any other strip mall - a large food market, several restaurants, another anchor store (here, it's Burlington) and some other outside-facing shops.But no, Plaza Fiesta is a full scale mall with tons of stuff inside, including a food court, which is Hispanic-centered. Reminds me a bit of the 'flea market' that used to be down the road before it got bulldozed in favor of City Market.Busy on the weekends.

  • I highly recommend making a stop here while you're cruising along Buford Highway. This place is another gem on Buford.They have all sorts of shops and stores but I'm partial to the labyrinth of food stalls located on the Claremont Road side of this mall. They have great prices for authentic dishes from many Latin American countries. I like the stalls that sell amazing fresh fruit like mango and papaya at excellent prices.I suggest you walk take some time and just walk around the whole mall to get a feel for this very unique and culturally important meeting place for the Hispanic community.Parking is free and you can enter the mall on both the Buford Highway side or on the Claremont Road side.Go explore a little bit at Plaza Fiesta!

  • Interesting Latin American Mall Experience.    It was fun to wander around the small shops selling wild Quinceañera dresses, cowboy boots, religious artifacts, pinatas and so much more.

  • Hi! Plaza Fiesta has nice people and good food. I love Plaza Fiesta, it a good place to go to the store.

  • Whole bunch of new friends you will meet. God bless them. Love this place.

  • It's a great place to shop. Great food. Mmmmm the fruit even better. Playing area for the kids. I go there every other weekend. It's a great place to spend with your family.