Field trip!!

Plaza Fiesta is the perfect place to immerse students into a Spanish speaking setting and culture without leaving the state. No need to plan an expensive weeklong trip to Spain or Mexico in order to practice all the skills being taught in the classroom in a real life setting, just a quick field trip inside the perimeter is all that is needed!

Plan a half day field trip that will enhance their language development skills by allowing them to practice their Spanish speaking skills by interaction with vendors. Students can broaden their pallet by enjoying new type of foods such as churros, empanadas or better yet real authentic tacos. Enhance your lesson plan with interactive activities such as scavenger hunt, a trip to our free library and many more activities.

List of schools that have visited Plaza Fiesta

  • Westminster School
  • The Lovett School
  • Mt Zion School – Carroll County
  • Wheeler County Schools
  • Haynes Bridge Middle School – Fulton County
  • World Language Academy - Hall County
  • Fellowship Christian School
  • Mill Springs Academy – Alpharetta
  • Woodland High School – Henry County
  • Mays High School – Atlanta Public Schools
  • Winnona Park Elementary School – Decatur School System
  • Ola High School – Henry County
  • Turner Middle School – Douglas County
  • Garden Hills Elementary – Atlanta Public Schools
  • Cedar Grove Middle School – Dekalb County
  • Pope High School – Cobb County


When we got back to school, the assistant principal happened to be standing in the doorway and the kids were telling her it was the best field trip ever. It was so cute to hear them bragging about it to everyone they saw.

Natasha moved here from Mexico a couple months ago and still only speaks Spanish. It was such a special moment to watch her while Nury read her book aloud. I think today was the happiest she's been since she moved here. Everything was familiar and her life was being celebrated. At the High Museum station, she made a bookmark for me that said "Thank you Ms. Carlson. I love you."

Zara, a girl that just moved here from Germany - We were at the High Museum station and she walked up to me with a permanent marker in her hand ready to write on her bag. "What is the name of this place? I need to tell my parents to bring me here and buy me that purple dress." (pointing to the biggest, brightest quinceañera dress hanging from the ceiling)

Miguel and another 4th grade teacher were standing in line to buy a drink. He turns around and looks at her, "I'm going to need to do this for you because that lady doesn't speak English. What do you want?"

Corteze, hasn't said a nice thing in weeks..."Ms. Carlson, thank you for taking us to this place."

Group of 80 students as a part of a review of geographic concepts that we have discussed this semester, especially dealing with migration and ethnic enclaves like those found along Buford Highway. Most of our students here in East Cobb have never been to Buford Hwy even though many have lived in the Atlanta region for their entire lives. One of our objectives therefore is to get our students to see more of their city and the amazing and dynamic cultures that exist along the Buford Highway corridor. Secondly we would like them to see human geography concepts in action.

The best part about it was the cultural experience my students had with the food and the shops. The lesson plan for the trip was to practice the “ir de compras” skill set that they learned from the unit. They also practice ordering food. They have a scavenger hunt and they worked in teams.

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